NaNo Day 1

I was really nervous for today, not gonna lie, but I actually did well! I did 2,320 words today :3 I know there are people who do like 9k in a day but I was not on that kind of a crazy roll today.

Anyway, here’s the first sentence:

I could feel the flickering of florescent lights through my closed eyelids.

Happy NaNo-ing everybody!

Getting into your MC’s head

In an earlier post I mentioned all the detailed outlining I’ve been doing with my novel, and how its helping my story come along further than my stories usually do. I finally realized why exactly this outline is helping me so much.

So sometimes a day or two will go by without my looking over or working on my outline, and its amazing how many things you forget in a couple of days. The outline has really helped me to get back into the mood of the story, as well as into my MC’s head, so that the way I plan the novel makes sense to my MC’s characterization. I honestly did not figure this out until I got stuck at a point today, and then went back and read through my crazy outline. That’s all it took to get my head back into it and I was unstuck :) I even came up with some new details to add to the world of the story. My outlining has definitely paid off! Woo!

Oh outlines, what did I do without you in the past? Oh, that’s right, I NEVER finished anything. Ha.


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Synopsis…I still hate you, just a little bit less.

So finally out of necessity (30 Covers in 30 Days!) I wrote a synopsis!

Here it is:

Seth never pictured himself as an office stiff, but somehow he’s ended up as one. He has the suit, bad coffee and ugly name plaque to prove it.

Seth doesn’t remember how he found his new employer, much less every applying for the job, but he does realize one thing. He has the only qualification required for the job: he’s dead. A living human could never perform the duties of a Death Agent. Unlike his co-workers however, Seth can’t seem to remember how he died.

The longer Seth is on the job, the clearer the circumstances of his death become, and the more he realizes there are things about his life (and death) that he must come to terms with.

It’s not awful, so I’m proud of it :3

Writing Software?

Sooo, I’m totally a n00b at the whole NaNoWriMo thing because this is my first year doing it (I don’t know how I didn’t know about this before!!!), and I had no idea there are special programs just for novelly people out there.

Exploring the NaNo forums made me decide to try Scrivener, aaand aaaaaah. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE SCRIVENER?? WHERE?

Ugh. I love this program. I used to use Notepad back in my PC days and TextEdit on my Mac. It was never a problem until I started working on one story recently that had copious amounts of notes scattered throughout different documents and skipping around between chapters. Let me tell you, it was confusing and messy and a little traumatizing. Kind of like when your laundry starts piling up until you don’t even know what’s in there anymore and you don’t wanna actually do the laundry because that pile is terrifying but at the same time you know its just gonna keep getting huge until it eats you. Just like that.

And then Scrivener comes along, saying “It’s okay, we can have everything in one place, but NOT the same document. And it will be magical.” And it is. Go download the free trial right now.

I’m totally serious. Go. Right now.


And no, I was not paid to do this awesome Scrivener commercial, I just had to share my happiness somewhere because my boyfriend will just look at me like -____-

So..yes. I’m done now!

Synopsis…I hate you

Ummm why can’t I write a damn synopsis to save my life??

I’ve been trying to write a decent synopsis for like, a week and I still haven’t come up with something good. This is totally ridiculous. I. AM. PATHETIC.

This is UPSETTING me. Ugh. I need a nap, and maybe some alcohol.

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